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Special Agent Alicia "Ali" Sullivan

Forensic Analysis, Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Name:Special Agent Alicia Sullivan
Birthdate:Jun 16
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Special Agent Alicia Sullivan

Birthdate: 6th June 1980
Nationality: Half English, Half American (American Citizen)
Location: New York City, United States
Occupation: FBI Special Agent (Forensic Scientist)
Areas of Specialistion: Forensic Analysis in Trace Evidence, Latent Print and DNA
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: 5'7", slender, brown eyes, wavy brown hair
PB: Jennifer Morrison


Alicia Sullivan is a Special Agent for the FBI, located within the New York field office. Alicia’s career started well and truly alongside James Campbell when they went to the same university together and became pals when their ambitions to join the Bureau linked. At the outset of her career, Alicia worked briefly in the Crimes Against Children department alongside James. However she was soon offered a training position with the FBI Forensic Science Research and Training Center, which she snapped up in a heartbeat. Having studied Forensic Science at college, this was always her first love. She trained to become a Forensic Analyst with the Bureau, and now works in Forensic Analysis Unit, specialising in Trace Evidence, Latent Print, and DNA. She works in the same building as James and Isabel Owens, and it goes without saying that she is close friends with them both, and Isabel is her closest gal pal.

It was James who introduced Alicia to his older brother, Mark, when they were in college. Alicia and Mark started dating and had a very fiery sex life at the time. Some have suggested their relationship was fuelled by nothing but lust and that was the eventual cause of the break down. No one really knows for certain the true reason behind the break up. It was when Mark got down on one knee and proposed to Alicia two years after they started dating, Alicia turned him down citing that she felt too young to get married and settle. They went their separate ways, and although it was awkward at first, with Alicia still working closely with James a lot of the time, Mark and Alicia forged a grudging truce. At times it’s clear they’re still attracted to each other, though now that Mark has moved on and gotten married, Alicia rarely talks about her engagement-that-wasn’t and the only people she does confide in is Isabel and James.

Alicia comes from a small nuclear family consisting of her Mum, Dad, and her little brother, Max who is four years younger than her. Alicia’s mother is English, being born and raised in London. Alicia’s family lived in London from when Alicia was two years old to just after her fourteenth birthday, having moved there originally when Alicia’s maternal grandmother fell ill. The family made the decision to return to America when Alicia’s father, a journalist, was offered a job as a CEO of an American lifestyle magazine based in New York. Because most of her childhood was spent in England, Alicia speaks with a broad English accent and often travels back to England to visit family and liaise with the American Consulate in London.

Alica prefers to be addressed as “Ali”. In fact, she believes only her boss or her parents should call her Alicia when she’s in trouble (or if she ever decides to commit a crime and finds herself in court, the judge). Everyone knows her as Ali and she will introduce herself as such. However, it’s not uncommon for the odd brave person to refer to her with her full name and it’s not uncommon for them to earn a slap because of it.

Although Alicia’s outward appearance is attractive and she has an appreciation for nice clothes and looking smart, she is truly a tom-boy at heart. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty or try new things. She’s confident and ambitious, and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She's not afraid to say what's in her heart, she's as honest as all hell and will always tell it like it is. She enjoys socializing with friends, having a good laugh, and getting into mischief. She dates casually, but doesn’t seem interested in settling down yet. She’s a bit of a party girl at heart when she has the time to do so and someone once told her she should’ve been cast in “Sex and the City”, though she well and truly scoffed at the analysis (even if her choice of drink is a Cosmopolitan).

Like everyone, she has a few skeletons in her closet. At age twenty-two, she fell pregnant and had an abortion, which was a spur of the moment decision she didn’t think through enough. Some days she regrets it, but mostly she just chalks it up as one of life’s mistakes. In the early days of her career, she was taken hostage by one of the suspects they were tracking and held in a dirty warehouse for two days. She was knifed in the shoulder in an effort to restrain her and stripped naked on the second day and left tied up alone. Luckily, the team located her and she was rescued. At the time she spent two days in hospital following the ordeal and now still holds the memories of it which see her suffering the occasional nightmare filled with flashbacks. On a whole, however, she has used the experience to make her stronger and determined to succeed in her career to the best of her ability.

Ali's life was shaken up more than she ever thought possibly when, after a one night stand with her ex, Mark Campbell, she fell pregnant with his child and soon had to face losing everything that was important to her...

Ali & Andrew

Despite in the past thinking that Mark Campbell was the love of her life, it was when she met Andrew Connor that she knew she got it all wrong. Mark was special to her, and always would be, no matter how stormy and rough their relationship was. He was the father of her baby and the big brother of one of her best friends. They came to love each other as best friends, and have a very sibling-like relationship these days. Andrew, however, is the true love of Ali's life. The poor bastard was the paramedic when Ali went into labour at work with her daughter, Jamie, and without anyone else there to help her, he copped the whole painful experience. But rather than running for the hills, he came back to see her the day after she gave birth, and something sparked between them. She couldn't believe how much simple human kindest one guy could have when he came to check that she was okay, knowing she was alone. From there on, despite the last thing Ali wanting was a relationship after the traumas of losing James, Andrew stuck by as a friend that soon turned into more.

She learnt of his difficult past losing his father and his struggle with being an alcoholic when the stress drove him to the bottle. He helped her get back on her feet after everything, learning to re-adjust when James was suddenly back in her life, and helping her let his brother have a part in their daughter's life. Their relationship only grew closer and it was when Ali discovered she was pregnant after they had been together around a year that things took a harsh turn for them. Ali had discovered she was pregnant again, this time with Andrew's baby. Andrew, having stepped up as a father figure to Jamie, was over the moon but Ali wasn't sure she was ready to face another pregnancy. She had suffered terribly with it, and had a period of post-natal depression. She was scared she wouldn't cope. But they got used to the idea, and Andrew, the kind-hearted and adoring partner he was, decided it was a sign he should propose. They were just getting used to the idea of it all, despite Ali's insecurities, she knew she wasn't alone thing. That was when she miscarried the baby at party for Andrew's birthday. She was devastated, and blamed herself for losing the baby, that she maybe willed it because she hadn't wanted it initially. She began to push Andrew away, and it forced him into a stress-induced relapse of his drinking.

It took a long time for them to get over it and turn the corner again. But they managed to get back on their feet with help from their friends, though Ali decided she couldn't face another pregnancy. Andrew didn't care. He just wanted Ali okay and was content with them having Jamie. They went on to get married in a beautiful ceremony with all their friends and family, and started their life together.

Dream Like New York // [community profile] dreamlikenewyork

Ali and Andrew have now been married for three years, and Jamie is four years old. Ali has worked her way up to the head of her Forensics department at the FBI and Andrew is still going strong as a paramedic, working now as a head of his unit. Jamie is due to start school in the fall after the summer, and Ali is nervous about how she will cope with sending her daughter off every day. Ali's friendship with Mark is much more stable these days, and she has forgiven him for all the errors of his past. Mark has joint custody of Jamie and has her for a day and a night each week, and every other weekend. The horrible past is almost like a haze to Ali these days. She is happily married to an amazing guy she never thought could even exist. Previously such a cynic about relationships, it's almost laughable how domestic she is these days, yet she is still her old self, which she is proud of. She nearly lost herself a few times, and she knows that without Andrew, she never would have found her way back again. He is her soul mate, a concept she used to scoff at, but now thanks the powers that be every day for given her.


This is an RPG journal for character Special Agent Alicia Sullivan ([personal profile] agentsullivan), an original character. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] agentsullivan are original work and owned by her creator. Neither Alicia or his creator are in no way affiliated with the FBI or any fandom and no profit is being made. Journal and character are for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Alicia is portrayed by actress Emmy Rossum and is in no way affiliated to Emmy Rossum.

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